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"A Goal Without a Plan Is Just a Wish"
-Antoine de Saint-Exupery


How We Help Our Clients

Structured Asset Management, Inc. focuses on the following services for individuals and business owners to assist them with formulating and reaching their goals and objectives:

Comprehensive Financial Planning:   Financial Planning is the process that can transform your wishes into achievable goals. We believe that through patience and persistence, we can help you sort through complex issues to enable you to make decisions regarding some of life's more difficult choices. Whatever your hopes are for your future, your children's well being, or the legacy you wish to leave behind, we can help you form a coordinated plan to help you meet your objectives. Click here to learn more about our financial planning process.

Portfolio Management Services: This service provides clients with initial design, ongoing review, supervision, and monitoring of their investment portfolios. Your risk tolerance, goals, tax position, time horizon and cash flows are all considered in constructing a written investment policy statement (IPS) specifically designed for your individual situation. We believe that efficient tax management is a central consideration in portfolio design. This is a critical factor in determining how much spendable money you can withdraw from your portfolio and how sustainable your spending can be. You can learn more about our Portfolio Management Services here.

We prefer to use low cost, low turnover institutional class funds from Dimensional Fund Advisors, among others, that are designed to maximize your returns and minimize your costs.

Employer Retirement Plan Services: Retirement plan sponsors, who are often the business owner, generally offer retirement plans as an employee benefit and a tax efficient way for the business owner to save for their own retirement. What the business owner often doesn’t realize is that a plan sponsor is a named fiduciary under ERISA. As a fiduciary, the owner has a duty to plan participants, their employees, to act solely in their best interests and ensure that all costs are reasonable. We can guide you through this process and benchmark your plan against other similar plans to ensure you have an efficient, cost effective plan while minimizing your fiduciary liability.  Read more here.

If you would like more information or to request a free consultation, please contact us to arrange for a mutually convenient time to meet.

Latest Blog Posts

Jun 28, 2017 by Structured Asset Management, Inc.

I am glad to see the new requirement for investment advisors dealing with 401(k) plans take effect. Now advisors have to acknowledge their fiduciary status in writing and subscribe to an impartial standard of conduct. The big keys are that under these new standards, these advisors must:

  • Give advice in the clients' best interest
  • Charge reasonable compensation
  • Disclose conflicts of interest
  • Disclose the fees so they can be understood
  • Make...
Jun 26, 2017 by Structured Asset Management, Inc.

The new rule going into effect with the Department of Labor (DOL) fiduciary rule gives brokers and insurance agents till January 1, 2018 to come into compliance with the rules we have been following for decades.

This is huge news for 401(k) plan participants. Now advisors will have to consider the fees, the benefits and the services provided before they recommend a rollover from a corporate plan to an IRA. Imagine that, a rule that makes these people have to actually work in someone...

Jun 22, 2017 by Structured Asset Management, Inc.

Good news for 401(K) plan sponsors and participants! Under the new Fiduciary Standard of Care rule, all advisors that give investment advice to 401(k) sponsors and their employees (participants) now have to comply with the ERISA standard for fiduciary care.

Before this happened, only advisors who, like us, were subject to the Investment Advisors Act of 1940 were held to the fiduciary standard. Others had what's called the suitability standard. Brokers and insurance...

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